How to Get full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

How to present full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period this to my team in a really inspirational way and and an authentic way to me so that they get a chance to ask their questions and talk about what scares them about that or what they’re worried about or what they’re excited about and then how do.

We have them be able to hold that their life vision up to this vision and ask themselves if it align and how do full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period .

we make it okay if it doesn’t and not so scary if it doesn’t and I’ve got you know great examples of lots of times with it it didn’t align and it’s been it’s like set people free so so so that’s what we work toward and that’s why it’s a different

Way of looking at it when we’re not expecting the teams to come up with where the business is going but the owners to come up with where the business is going and then the teams to get involved on the back end of that which is now that .

We know now how do we create the strategies to fill the gap and get us there so it’s a different way of looking at it and pretty exciting way of doing it this is amazing I mean um what I got out of this and of course I have lots of follow-up questions and you know a lot of things to talk about what I got out of this is that again going back to the basics from

The authentic part of yourself so it starts with the owner and he’ll clean right and again I’m assuming you know we all want to be happy so typically there are four things people work on to be happy money time purpose and relationships so for you to be more happy than you know today for you to be like you know in that you know wow

This is amazing territory you know who are you going to be working with you know meaning the relationships both patients and team members what kind of people do you want to hang out with no time right how much do you want to work purpose you know .

What kind of things do you enjoy you know you don’t do everything right and then money of course you know what could make you happy in terms of you know income you know profits revenues to hold on yet because I have had conversations lots of people and when they start they’ll say .

I want you know this large amount of revenues but then they’ll say not really I mean when you go deeper and deeper what I